Basic set up for 120 degree CCPM (ECCPM)
One thing that seems to cause a huge amount of confusion for guys setting up a CCPM model for the first time is getting all the servo’s to function in the right direction. It is actually very simple and easy enough to understand once you get your head around it.
Firstly check you models instructions and make sure you have got the servo’s plugged into the correct channels, the elevator servo will always be the single servo at either the front of back of the swashplate, the aileron and pitch servo’s will normally be mounted opposite each other on either side of the frames.
Once you have the correct servo’s plugged into the correct channels on the receiver activate your radio’s 120 CCPM settings (swash type on JR, then Swash mix in main menu) (Spektrum set up is basically the same as JR) (Futaba is under Parameters, swash type SR-3 and then main menu swash AFR).
You will most likely find that one servo is moving the wrong direction compared to the other two and screwing things up, go into your radio’s servo reverse function and reverse this servo, you should get to a situation where all servo’s move correctly but say for instance your elevator function is reversed so pushing the stick forward gives you back elevator, go in to the radio’s swash menu and keep reducing the default 60% value on the elevator function until in becomes a negative value, this will reverse the elevator function rather than the individual servo! The same applies to the Aileron and Pitch, the value shown on this screen is your throws for each function so if needed increase or decrease the values to get the desired amount of swashplate movement.
Depending on model and servo arm size you should find that the default swash values for Aileron and Elevator are about right but the Pitch range will most likely need reducing from the default value, only once you have done this should you then use the pitch curves to compress it further if you want to.