Night Flying Tips

Night Flying Tips
By the time you read this we will be well and truly in to Autumn and this tend to be the most popular time for night flying. If you have never tried this before but are able to confidently fly around then you should have no problem doing the same in the dark giving suitable lights on the model!
Night rope has a habit of getting duller in colder conditions so what looks great in your house with the lights switched off might not look so great on a chilly flying field late one evening,
Always have at least one back up snap light fitted to the tailboom as an aid and in case the night rope fails completely.
If your just using snap lights it’s worth knowing that some colours tend to work much better than others, yellow, green and orange is generally the brightest, whilst blue and white is rarely good.
Put the brightest colour on the tailboom and you may want to use two snap lights here as it’s difficult to see just one from all angles and if you can’t see the light on the boom it’s near impossible to know which way the models heading!
Normally just the above plus one on each skid is enough to see the model no problem with night blades. The bad news is Align have stopped producing night blades for now at least so getting hold of a decent set of night blades might become tricky.
It’s not impossible to fly with out night blades as long as you have enough light on the model, having it outlined with night rope plus back up snap lights is normally more than enough.
It’s a good idea to test the night blades in day light first particularly if you have recently switched your model over to flybarless, most night blades tend to feel lighter and more responsive so it’s best to find this out in day light first and adjust the models set up if necessary.
Some transmitters have bright indication LED’s on them, cover these up as there distracting in the dark and will hurt your night vision.
Blade Care
The cells fitted in most night blades is understandable tiny and not very tolerate of misuse so please take care not to store them with completely flat batteries for months, always make sure they have a maintenance charge in them before storing them away.
If the batteries are not looking good then you have nothing to loose by trying to recover them (with due care) by repeated careful charging using as decent charger which will give you a indication of what’s going into the battery.
That’s all there is too it really, go and have fun.